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Industrial Designs

Maximizing the value of a product’s unique design

When a product’s look is important to customers, industrial design protection is critical.

A product’s visual features can set it apart from the competition, driving sales and increasing market share. A registered industrial design provides exclusivity over that product’s registered design features.

The Smart & Biggar difference

Smart & Biggar’s expertise in identifying, securing and enforcing industrial design rights is unmatched. Our team also understands the complex interplay between industrial design law and other forms of intellectual property, including patents, copyright  and trade dress rights  to expertly develop a sophisticated strategic approach to product appearance. Our diverse knowledge allows us to provide precise, timely and focused legal advice for Canadian and international companies seeking to protect and enforce their product designs.

Experience and ingenuity

We have filed more industrial design applications than any other firm in Canada. We work closely and seamlessly with creators, product developers and designers to understand and protect what makes a product’s design unique and important. We do so creatively, leveraging industrial design registrations as part of a strong IP portfolio based on a comprehensive IP protection strategy.

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