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Patent Litigation & Enforcement

Patent enforcement leaders for technically complex and high-stakes litigation

In a highly competitive global economy, patent enforcement and protection against infringement is critical to protect valuable assets and ensure continued market exclusivity for an innovation.

Strong and effective patent enforcement requires a highly strategic approach tailored to each unique situation and business. We specialize in guarding and defending our clients’ patent rights to maximize their return on investments and preserve competitive advantage.

Unmatched technical depth and legal expertise

In high-stakes patent litigation, and where complexity and technical detail prevail, we know what it takes to win.  Our accomplished and proven litigators combine deeply sophisticated subject matter and analytical expertise to ensure the most effective enforcement of patent rights against infringement. We apply our expertise to develop powerful and targeted litigation strategies to lead to a successful result, both through skilled negotiation and in the courtroom. We also represent and defend clients in related matters involving trade secrets, confidential information and anti-trust and competition law, including unfair competition.

Clients look to us routinely to handle their most commercially important and technically complex patent enforcement and infringement cases. We have obtained numerous precedent-setting judgments on behalf of our clients in trial and appellate matters, and have obtained record-setting damages awards. And we have been chosen as Canada’s IP Litigation Firm, for seven consecutive years, by Benchmark Canada. We also have vast experience in multijurisdictional cases, and provide our international clients with skilled, cross-border patent litigation and coordination of litigation strategies worldwide.

Key Contacts

Smart & Biggar is a dominant force in patent enforcement and litigation. Our team is made up of highly capable trial and appellate counsel who routinely handle some of Canada’s most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property cases across a broad range of industries.

Client Success

We litigate across Canada, in both the common law and civil law courts, including the Provincial Superior Courts and the Federal Court of Canada, and at the highest appellate levels, in both official languages. We have also represented clients in the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions, resulting in many leading Canadian precedents.

Unparalleled Expertise in Patent Litigation & Enforcement

Recognized as Canada’s leading IP litigation firm, our proven team of litigators are highly effective trial and appellate counsel. No other Canadian firm can claim a more distinguished and successful record. In addition to their courtroom victories, our litigators frequently receive international recognition from IP owners, clients and peers alike.