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The high cost of research and development plus the relatively low cost of imitation make the protection of intellectual property the core of the chemical and biotechnology industry. 

Intellectual property (IP) strategy for the biotech industry holds immense commercial importance. Biotechnology is a research-intensive industry and biotech companies are responsible for some of the most innovative developments in the world. It is critical that companies have focused IP counsel and advice to protect their research, and secure patents as part of a carefully crafted IP strategy. 

In order to attract investors and stimulate growth, biotech companies in sectors including energy production, pharmaceuticals, medical, agrochemical, and environmental, can benefit from having an effective IP strategy in place, to reduce the risk of infringing and copied products entering the market, safeguard innovation and establish potential licensing opportunities. 

Canada, a world leader in chemical and biotechnology

The Canadian chemical and biotechnology industry is a strong engine for innovation and a significant contributor to Canada’s innovation economy.  The Smart & Biggar team is involved with the major organizations and industry associations that develop and promote the development of strong technology and biotech capabilities in Canada.

Biotechnology is a global economic powerhouse

Biotechnology is a primary industry and driver of growth in the global economy. Our clients span the globe and range from groundbreaking startups to some of the largest chemical and biotechnology innovators. We collaborate with chemical and biotechnology IP practitioners around the world to obtain protection for Canadian inventions abroad as well as protection in Canada for international chemical and biotechnology innovations.

Unmatched technical expertise

Smart & Biggar has been at the forefront of innovation and change in chemical patent protection for over a century and on the leading edge of biotechnology innovation since its advent.

We have expertise across the chemical field, including polymer chemistry, chemical processing and synthesis, materials science, organic and inorganic chemistry, catalysis, biological chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and nanotechnology. Our team also includes experts in biotechnology, with expertise in areas including bioprocessing, biomaterials (including bioplastics and biopolymers), biofuels, and enzymes for industrial application.

Leading legal expertise

Our powerful combination of extensive expertise and advanced technical training in relevant subspecialties enables us to offer outstanding services for the protection of chemical inventions and industrial biotechnology innovation. We use the full scope of IP strategy to protect our clients, including patent drafting and prosecution, acquisition or licensing of new technologies, and strategic management of international patent portfolios.

We have assembled a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in intellectual property law and practice as it relates to chemical technologies and biotechnologies. Our professionals include lawyers, patent agents and technical consultants. Many of our professionals have practical experience with direct application to our clients’ technologies and advanced degrees spanning the field of chemical and biotechnology research.

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