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Rapid advancements in electronics and computer technology pose complex challenges that make intellectual property (IP) strategy vital to a company’s strategy. As each new generation of products improves upon the last, players ranging from startups to large multinational corporations race to stake their claims.

The significance of IP in the electronics and computer technology sector in today’s global economy is most apparent in the steady increase of international patent applications. At the same time, the legal requirements for patentability of these inventions must continue to evolve and shift, often with different results in different countries. Whatever the technology, our team combines the legal talent and in-depth technical expertise to tackle even the most complex inventions.

Canada – a technological leader

With a focus on innovation and new technologies, Canada’s current strengths and future potential for growth in the electronics and computer technology industry is exponential. As a priority sector in Canada’s economy, the incentives Canada provides to the electronics and computer technology industry are one of the key reasons world technology leaders are investing in Canada.

Smart & Biggar is actively involved in the evolution of Canadian intellectual property policy and legislation and plays an engaged role in developing and promoting industry and innovation for leading organizations in Canada.

Competition is global & increasingly fierce

As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, companies must build and secure protection for their valuable IP portfolios in the electronics and computer technology sectors to commercialize innovations in lucrative global markets.

Our clients span the globe and range from groundbreaking startups to some of the largest innovators. We collaborate with other IP practitioners around the world to obtain protection for Canadian inventions abroad, as well as protection for electrical and electronic innovation in Canada. As a result, while our offices extend across the country, our practice and experience cover the globe.

Technical expertise

We offer a breadth and depth of technical expertise in electronics and computer technology that no other Canadian IP firm can match. Our practice group is composed of electrical engineers, physicists, systems design engineers, computer engineers and computer scientists. Every member has at least one specialized degree and many hold graduate degrees.

In addition to their academic training, our highly skilled lawyers and agents have valuable industry experience in a range of industries. Many of our professionals have years of advisory and litigation experience with patent, trademark and copyright issues and offer pre-litigation opinions and highly technical litigation support. 

Legal expertise

While technical expertise is essential to our practice, it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Smart & Biggar has the largest and most prolific practice group in the electrical, electronic and computer technology field in Canada. We have filed more patent and trademark applications than any other Canadian firm and as a result, we are constantly exposed to the latest technological innovations spanning all areas of industry.

Our combination of legal expertise and advanced technical training in relevant subspecialties enable us to offer unparalleled IP protection. We are leading experts in patent drafting and prosecution, litigation proceedings, transactions involving the acquisition and licensing of new technologies and strategic management of international and domestic patent and industrial design portfolios.

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