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In a highly competitive economy, copyrighted works, content and properties can be vulnerable to misappropriation and copying.

Strong and effective copyright enforcement requires a focused and strategic approach that is tailored to each unique situation in combination with sophisticated experience and expertise.

We represent clients across a range of industries from luxury goods to high-tech, from the publishing industry to leading movie studios and associations, providing unmatched copyright litigation advice on a wide range of content including software, literature, photography, music, architectural works, video, film, product designs, television broadcasts and telecommunications.

Our highly specialized lawyers are a dominant force in copyright enforcement and know what it takes to win in high-stakes IP litigation. Our accomplished and formidable team of litigators ensure effective enforcement of copyrights against infringement through skilled negotiation and mediation, cease and desist demands, take down of infringing content, search and seizure orders, pre-trial and permanent injunctions, and powerful and targeted litigation strategies.

We routinely handle Canada’s most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property cases. We have represented clients in the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions, We have obtained numerous precedent-setting judgments on behalf of our clients in trial and appellate matters, and have obtained record-setting copyright damages awards. And we have been chosen as Canada’s IP Litigation Firm, for five consecutive years, by Benchmark Canada. With our global network and vast experience in multijurisdictional cases, we provide our international clients with skilled cross-border copyright litigation and coordination of litigation strategies worldwide.

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