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Enforcement of industrial design rights is critical to the protection of valuable product designs and to ensure continued market exclusivity. When a competitor’s product infringes on the visual or aesthetic design of an innovation protected under an industrial design registration, having access to product design litigation expertise to resolve matters quickly and efficiently is key to protecting market position.

Strong and effective industrial design enforcement requires a highly experienced and strategic approach. Our leading team of IP litigators and trial counsel provide highly effective enforcement of industrial designs as well as related rights to protect product design features against copying and infringement.

Our lawyers are leaders in the protection and enforcement of industrial design rights in Canada and around the world, and we have successfully handled precedent-setting industrial design litigation, prevailing at trial in the only decided case since the amendment of Canada’s Industrial Design Act. We routinely handle Canada’s most commercially important and complex intellectual property cases, and we are recognized as Canada’s dominant IP litigation firm having been chosen by Benchmark Canada as Canada’ IP Litigation Firm of the Year for five consecutive years. With our global network of IP industry experts and vast experience in multijurisdictional cases, we provide our clients with coordinated and effective industrial design enforcement strategies to protect the design of your product worldwide.

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