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Strategic IP for a rapidly changing energy industry

Transformative change within the energy sector has intensified the focus on intellectual property strategy. Effective management and targeted growth of an intellectual property (IP) portfolio is critical for companies because the emergence of new technologies offer both challenges and opportunities.

As the fifth-largest natural gas producer and the sixth-largest oil producer in the world, Canada’s extensive resources provide companies with a valuable arena for innovation and growth.

Technical depth

With an interdisciplinary scientific approach and a sophisticated understanding of the competitive landscape of technology, we ensure our energy sector clients acquire, protect, and leverage their IP assets and develop an IP strategy that supports their business objectives and corporate vision.

Our combination of extensive expertise and relevant advanced technical training, enable us to offer unparalleled service across all aspects of intellectual property, including strategy, procurement, due diligence, acquisition and licensing, enforcement and defense.

Legal expertise

As the largest firm practising exclusively in intellectual property law in Canada, we have a unique focus on strategic and effective IP protection for energy development and exploitation. Smith & Biggar is a leader and a trusted advisor to some of the most innovative companies in the energy sector.

We have a distinguished track record and vast experience in IP litigation, including patent, industrial design, trademark, and trade-secret cases. Our team of litigators have appeared at the highest appellate levels of common law and civil law courts, including appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions.

Smart & Biggar has handled a significant share of Canada’s most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property law cases, many of which are leading Canadian precedents. Our litigators are highly-skilled trial lawyers at the very top of the Canadian intellectual property field who also understand the importance of practical business solutions.

Protecting innovation around the world

Our global list of clients ranges from small- and medium-sized companies to some of the largest innovators and enterprises in the world. We collaborate with IP practitioners globally to obtain protection for Canadian inventions and technology abroad, as well as for the protection of innovation in Canada.

Our depth of experience is unmatched

For more than a century, Smart & Biggar has been advising our Canadian and international clients on the fundamental technologies that drive growth in the energy sector. By providing unparalleled strategic IP counsel, our team safeguards and advances our clients’ competitive position in the most important areas of the energy sector, including oil and gas, solar energy, biofuels and biomass processing, wind energy, geothermal energy, nuclear energy, hydroelectric power, and wave and tidal energy.

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