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Expert drafting is at the core of every successful patent.

A large part of successfully patenting an idea or invention is the strength of the written patent description and specifications, and alignment with business goals and objectives. With a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, deep technical expertise, and extensive patent drafting and procurement experience, our lawyers and patent agents focus simultaneously on the big picture and the details to ensure that all patent applications are meticulously drafted and prepared.

From patent drafting and filing to patent prosecution and enforcement, we manage every step of the process for our clients with clear purpose, focused precision and care.

The team at Smart & Biggar apply their expert knowledge and experience, carefully reviewing all prior art and working proactively with local examiners to ensure that rights are effectively defended and protected in Canada. We routinely handle patent prosecution in Canada for applications that have been filed first in another jurisdiction, managing every step in the process on behalf of clients, and in collaboration with international law firms and agents.

Unmatched patent experience and technical expertise

Smart & Biggar has the largest patent practice in Canada, filing and prosecuting more IP applications than any other firm. Our lawyers and patent agents are consistently recognized as industry leaders and trusted business partners and are sought after for their deep technical expertise and vast experience in the field of Canadian patents.

Our clients benefit directly from our expertise across a wide range of technologies, garnered from ongoing exposure to innovations from across the broadest range of client industries, and from handling some of today’s most challenging patent issues.

Over our 130 years as patent agents, we have developed a strong reputation for quality and service, continuously investing in systems, technology and processes to manage the highest volumes of work, and to perform to rigorous service standards. We handle thousands of files working closely with the Canadian Patent Office each week, and managing critical information and deadlines concerning our clients’ valuable intellectual property with ease and efficiency.

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