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The effective and coordinated protection of IP rights is vital in the fight against IP crime.

IP crime, including counterfeiting and piracy, is an international problem on a massive and growing scale.

Product counterfeiting and copyright piracy affects virtually all areas of industry involving all types of products. Our highly specialized lawyers are among the most prominent and experienced in fighting IP crime in Canada. From representing world leaders in luxury goods and apparel to motion picture studios and associations, from video games to television broadcasters, from software to pharmaceuticals, we have a deep history in successfully representing clients in anti-counterfeiting matters.

With decades of experience appearing before federal and provincial courts in intellectual property matters, we have developed efficient and unique approaches in the fight against IP crime that are targeted and focused to fit each of our client’s individual needs. We have obtained precedent-setting damages and restitution orders against counterfeiters, and have vast expertise in coordinating wide-ranging search and seizure orders, taking down pirated content, obtaining pre-trial and permanent injunctions and related contempt orders. We have significant experience in lobbying for improvement in Canada’s anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy laws and policies to help better protect the interests of our clients, and we work in training and coordinating activities with investigators and customs and law enforcement officials.

With our vast network of anti-counterfeiting contacts worldwide and our experience in multijurisdictional cases, we provide skilled and coordinated cross-border and global strategies to fiercely protect our clients’ valuable IP rights theft, piracy and counterfeiting, and we have been recognized by Benchmark Canada for five consecutive years as Canada’s IP Litigation Firm of the Year.

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