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IP safeguards clean technologies

As clean technology and green energy continue to accelerate, innovation and investment in the cleantech industry thrives when supported by vigorous intellectual property protection.

Cleantech companies span a variety of sectors which are developing technologies that seek to cut emissions, improve the environment and reduce the consumption of natural resources. It is vital that companies in this important industry develop and incorporate an IP strategy that aligns with business strategy to increase profitability and protect valuable innovation.

Canada – a powerhouse in cleantech innovation

The Government of Canada is setting clean technology innovation as a priority, making Canada one of the most lucrative markets for cleantech companies. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has established that green technology initiatives, patent protection in particular, are among the most important incentives that encourage private investment in cleantech in Canada. Coupled with leading-edge innovation clusters and an abundance of natural resources, Canada is poised to be a global leader in clean technology.

The worldwide focus on climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas is also driving the growing global market for clean technologies, and governments worldwide are prioritizing clean technology innovations. This strong international commitment is making IP protection more and more critical.

Our depth of expertise is unmatched

Our strength and experience in biotechnology, engineering and chemistry, put us at the forefront of the cleantech industry and enable us to assist our clients with cleantech innovations across any field of technology. Our team collaborates with IP practitioners around the world to secure protection for Canadian inventions abroad, as well as protection for innovation in Canada.

From ground-breaking startups to some of the largest innovators in the world, each of our clients has a unique set of goals and challenges. Smart & Biggar provides unmatched ability to creatively and strategically safeguard our clients’ innovation.

Technical expertise

For more than a century, Smart & Biggar has been on the leading edge of innovation and change relating to all aspects of technology, and our depth of technical experience remains unrivalled.

Cleantech innovation relies on a variety of technical disciplines, and the understanding of complex technologies is vital to effective IP counsel. With the combined strength of our technical depth in clean technologies and our IP expertise, our team delivers integrated, forward-thinking solutions.

We are the largest firm in Canada specializing in intellectual property law and our experienced and highly skilled lawyers and agents possess unmatched technical expertise across technical disciplines. We understand complex technologies and provide effective and efficient IP counsel leveraging our combined strengths and technical depth and our IP expertise to deliver integrated and forward-thinking solutions.

Legal expertise

Smart & Biggar is committed to protecting cleantech innovation through precise and focused intellectual property enforcement and litigation where required to maximize business opportunity and market share.

Our award winning team of leading IP litigators has appeared at the highest appellate levels of common law and civil law courts, representing clients in both of Canada’s official languages. Having appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions, we have handled a significant share of Canada’s most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property law cases, many of which are leading Canadian precedents.

Our combination of legal expertise and advanced technical training in relevant subspecialties enable us to offer unparalleled IP protection. We are leading experts in patent drafting and prosecution, litigation proceedings, transactions involving the acquisition and licensing of new technologies and strategic management of international and domestic patent and industrial design portfolios.

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