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Proactive strategy is our core strength

Technology is transforming traditional industries, and effective intellectual property strategy and management is imperative for any company operating in today’s big-data, tech-driven global economy.

Focused monitoring, consistent reviews, and proactive strategizing enables companies to stay up-to-date on competitive trends as well as emerging threats. Start-ups and SMEs need to put in place clear intellectual property (IP) strategies to support their business objectives. IP rights are often seen as passive insurance policies taken out on inventions, and their value and benefit often overlooked. This falls behind how IP is being used around the world to create tangible commercial value for start-ups and SMEs.

IP strategy should be a core business conversation in order to maximize innovation, advance competitive strength, and enhance the overall corporate strategy of a company, business or brand. A successful IP strategy must offer a tailored, business-centric approach.

Proactive and focused IP strategizing cuts across all industries and can be used to create new business partnerships, drive mergers and acquisitions, block competition, and inspire innovation.

Unmatched Expertise in IP Strategic Advisory

Our proven legal and technical expertise in advising and counselling clients on the development and management of a valuable IP portfolio allows us to fully assess an IP landscape that is increasingly forward-thinking. We provide clients with  sophisticated experience and expertise, including real-world experience of individuals who spent years as in-house counsel, IP managers, and strategic consultants for internationally recognized research and development-based companies. Smart & Biggar’s powerful team of experts is unmatched in securing, enforcing, and growing our clients’ IP portfolios.

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At Smart & Biggar, our strategic counselling, transactions, and licensing lawyers have the unique expertise, depth of experience, and industry knowledge to field a dedicated team to help our clients achieve their commercial objectives.

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Unparalleled Expertise in IP Strategic Advisory