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Strategic IP counsel and advice built on a framework of technical and legal expertise

Whether our client is a global leader, an emerging business or a startup building an IP portfolio central to their financing needs or exit strategy, our lawyers are trusted advisors who provide focused and strategic intellectual property (IP) counselling, opinions and advice.

IP is a vital resource and asset to any company across any industry. Our lawyers and patent and trademark agents draw on their deep technical and legal experience to provide opinions on the use of intellectual property as an integral part of an overall business strategy. We provide our clients with  sophisticated experience and expertise, includingreal-world experience of individuals who spent years as in-house IP managers, counsel and strategic consultants for internationally recognized R&D based companies.

Our lawyers are nationally and internationally recognized IP leaders, staying on the cutting edge of information relevant to each of our client’s needs, including potential partnerships or competitors, opportunities for growth or increased profits, changes in market conditions, and the evolving IP framework in Canada and worldwide. Our extensive experience working with international clients and affiliate law firms around the worldallows us to provide clients with a view on a full range of intellectual property matters and related global issues.

We provide strategic counsel on how to move forward with the decision to secure patent, trademark, copyright, and industrial design rights, and when they may be at risk of infringement. Our strategic expertise, combined with our strength and experience representing clients in litigation matters, allows us toprovide a clear and concise view of the potential risks and returns involved with pursuing or defending claims of IP infringement or misuse. We are committed to providing focused IP counselling and advice consistent with our clients’ economic and business goals.

Our services in this area include: 

  • Developing internal IP management policies to maximize innovation and competitive strength
  • Conducting IP audits
  • Educating management and employees on strategic IP issues
  • Portfolio mining to identify and pursue licensing opportunities
  • Assessing competitive strengths and risks
  • Extracting revenue from underutilized patent portfolios
  • Coordinating and implementing enforcement activities
  • Selecting valuable trademarks and developing a protection strategy based upon a product's distribution scheme
  • Increasing the value of brands through promotional and marketing efforts as well as by proper trademark usage and marking

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