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IP due diligence involves the review and analysis of intellectual property assets and related rights and obligation.

IP due diligence is a key priority for companies at many stages of maturity – from early-stage companies seeking venture capital investments, to more advanced companies preparing to license or commercialize IP assets or preparing for an initial public offering, to established companies seeking to expand existing markets, enter new markets, divest a business unit or technology, or optimize or reorganize IP assets.  IP due diligence is also more critical than ever in any form of merger or acquisition.

Our highly specialized lawyers work with clients to advise them on all aspects of IP due diligence and guide them through the process, including accurately documenting the existence of IP assets and related agreements in the business, assessing the validity and enforceability of IP assets, reviewing chain of title (e.g. ownership) of the IP assets and possible encumbrances and other risk factors, and reviewing contractual rights and commitments related to IP assets.

Our services in this area include:

  • Reviews and assessments of IP agreements and commercial agreements to assess IP strengths and weaknesses including:
    • ownership, control and transferability,
    • licensed rights and obligations, and
    • confidentiality and rights of use
  • Assessment of scope, validity & enforceability of IP portfolios
  • Patent clearances & freedom to operate advice
  • Trademark searches
  • Brand strength reports
  • Acquisition, divestment or financing counselling
  • Investigations of IP disputes
  • Infringement and validity of rights investigations and reports

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