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Understanding the value of intellectual property is critical to maximizing and exploiting its potential.

IP audits are necessary for a company or business to understand and leverage the value of its IP assets and to execute on a strong and successful business strategy.

An IP audit can serve multiple purposes, including identifying and classifying key IP assets and related agreements, assessing ownership, validity, and enforceability, establishing or enhancing an IP asset management and exploitation program, supporting valuation assessments, and developing an overall IP strategy for a business. IP audits are critical for any business. For example, early-stage companies or companies with limited experience with IP need to understand the opportunity and importance of developing an IP strategy and protecting IP assets. More mature or IP-savvy companies may need to verify and enhance their existing understanding of their IP assets, to track the progress of their IP strategy, to establish a valuation for IP assets, or to optimize underutilized IP assets. IP audits can help a business achieve each of these objectives, amongst others.

With deep legal and technical expertise, our professionals carry out audits to help identify, assess, preserve, and maximize IP assets, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks, implement best practices for IP asset management, support IP asset valuations,  and offer recommendations and support for developing or enhancing one’s overall IP strategy. By providing sophisticated IP audit services, our team helps ensure that clients are armed with the knowledge they need in order to exploit and maximize the value of their IP portfolios and better advance their businesses.

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