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Strategic IP sets your brand up for success in the food and beverage industry

Companies and brands in the food and beverage sector must distinguish themselves in a fast-paced, crowded and fiercely competitive marketplace. Each type of IP has an important role in protecting and growing assets in the food and beverage industry.

Increased competition and evolving trends continue to drive innovation in the food and beverage field that requires careful IP planning and IP strategy. The team at Smart & Biggar has the experience and expertise to provide effective IP strategies, protection and enforcement for this unique industry.

Changing global trends

The food and beverage sector is one of the world's largest industries. Evolving global and regional trends require companies to stay on top of changes in regulations while working to maintain consumer confidence.

Smart & Biggar develops comprehensive IP strategies to help grow and protect clients’ competitive position in this market. Our lawyers work to understand the complex challenges facing our clients, and offer focused and sophisticated strategies to help clients succeed in this industry.

Practical IP solutions for a diverse and rapidly-growing market

With a diverse and growing consumer base that spends a substantial amount of money on food and beverages, the Canadian market is exceptionally attractive for companies.

Strict federal and provincial legislation make it crucial for businesses to stay current with industry regulations and compliance requirements. Our dedicated team of IP and regulatory experts stays on the cutting edge of the Canadian food and beverage industry for both domestic and foreign clients.

Technical expertise

Our lawyers have the expertise to acquire, protect and enforce our clients’ IP rights to help them gain strategic advantages in the market and grow their position. With our depth of IP and industry-related experience, our clients have a focused and experienced multidisciplinary team behind them.

We pride ourselves in understanding each of our client’s unique challenges and possess the experience and specialized technical expertise to provide effective counsel at every stage of the product lifecycle. We handle all aspects of IP and related regulatory issues — from planning and strategy, to procurement and prosecution of rights, to commercial transactions, licensing or sale of rights for manufacturing, distribution and expansion into new markets.

Legal expertise

We provide the full scope of IP counselling, strategy and portfolio management to help our clients succeed in this market. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in marketing,  advertising and regulatory issues relating to the food and beverage industry.

Our team of highly experienced litigators provide effective counsel to vigorously enforce rights and defend against infringement.  Having appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions, we have handled a significant share of Canada’s most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property cases, many of which are setting Canadian precedents. No other firm can claim a more successful track record in IP litigation.

Whether your business strategy calls for protection of innovative patent rights and brand protection, licensing and commercial negotiations, or due diligence related to IP for mergers and acquisitions, we safeguard your competitive position by providing unparalleled IP counsel.

Our depth of experience is unmatched

Our lawyers provide strategic counselling and advice on all IP issues for the food and beverage industry.

Our services in this area include:

  • Patent and trademark filing and prosecution
  • Advising on brand names and logos
  • Design protection and enforcement
  • Counsel on regulatory matters
  • Litigation
  • Food safety
  • Consumer product safety and product recalls
  • Advertising, marketing and labelling
  • Privacy and anti-spam (CASL)
  • Commercial agreements and transactions
  • IP and regulatory expertise for mergers and acquisitions
  • Import and export matters
  • Licensing opportunities

Client Success

Unparalleled Expertise in Food & Beverage