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The global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has affected companies across industries, and in all areas of business. Government regulators and law makers in Canada and around the world are responding with relief packages and incentives to support the development of a vaccine, and changing laws to accelerate production and supply of life-saving medical equipment.

The laws governing intellectual property law and practice are also shifting as part of this effort, which will have further legal impacts on companies. Our team at Smart & Biggar is here to help with advice and guidance on Intellectual Property and Regulatory impacts arising from COVID-19.

To help our clients navigate in this changing environment we have compiled expert insights and updates on the COVID-19 impacts to intellectual property law and practice in Canada, and related regulatory regimes for pharmaceuticals and health products. In addition, we are tracking and reporting on updates from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) regarding extensions to patent, trademark, and industrial design deadlines. Finally, we are providing updates on the Canadian courts’ handling of deadlines and court hearings.

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