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Intellectual Property is a vital part of the aerospace industry

Intellectual property has a rich and interconnected history with the aerospace, aeronautics and aviation industry. The role of IP has evolved in response to constantly changing technological realities and is now more important than ever, because the modern aerospace industry, including commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft, has become highly specialized and focused on innovation.

Aerospace manufacturing, research, and development is a massive sector and new technologies across a range of industries, including aerodynamics, avionics, structural and materials science propulsion and launch systems, and flight control systems, are becoming increasingly interdependent.

Canada – a major player in the global aerospace industry

With a commitment to research and development, strong private investment, a highly skilled workforce, and the continued support of the Canadian government through incentives that include the Strategic Innovation Fund, Canada is, and will remain, on the leading-edge of innovative technology in the aerospace industry. Canada’s established capabilities, as well as its strength in emerging technologies, make the Canadian aerospace industry globally competitive and poised for rapid growth.

Canada’s aerospace sector is the fifth-largest in the world by revenue, ranks third globally for civil aircraft and engine production, and is an international leader in export intensity and trade diversity. Canada leads niche sectors, including business aircraft, helicopter, and rotorcraft, small engines, as well as simulation and training. Along with some major players in the aerospace sector, Canada is also home to an increasing number of innovative small- and medium-sized businesses with unique capabilities in areas such as precision machining, composites, coatings, and component system design.

The Smart & Biggar team is actively involved in the evolution of Canadian intellectual property policy and legislation, and plays an active part in major organizations that develop and promote the strong technology and development capabilities of the Canadian aerospace industry.

Technical expertise

Our team has highly specialized expertise in the aerospace, aeronautics and aviation sectors. We can analyze, understand and communicate effectively about the highly complex technologies involved in this industry, and can devise and implement focused strategies that protect valuable IP portfolios. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ individual and unique challenges in this complex and dynamic industry.

Legal expertise

The team at Smart & Biggar provides effective business strategies based on a powerful combination of technical and legal expertise. Our extensive legal expertise and advanced technical training in relevant subspecialties enable us to offer outstanding services for the protection of valuable IP portfolios. We have a distinguished record across all aspects of intellectual property and use the full scope of IP strategy to protect our clients, including patent drafting and prosecution, acquisition or licensing of new technologies, and strategic management of international patent portfolios.

Our team of litigators has appeared at the highest appellate levels of common law and civil law courts, representing clients in both of Canada’s official languages. Having appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions, we have handled a significant share of Canada’s most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property law cases, many of which are leading Canadian precedents.

Whether the strategy calls for patent procurement, licensing and partnership negotiations, or due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, we safeguard your competitive position by providing unparalleled IP counsel.

The aerospace industry is gaining global momentum

The aerospace industry has experienced significant growth in recent years with further global growth of 5.1% projected over the next decade.

The race to develop new technologies, such as electric and hybrid engines, and autonomous flight systems, will only accelerate innovation in the aerospace industry. With governments and private investment funding space exploration, commercial unmanned aerial vehicles opening up the industry to smaller businesses, and the demand for more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly commercial air travel increasing worldwide, the aerospace industry will continue to be a global economic powerhouse.

Our depth of experience is unmatched

The team at Smart & Biggar stays on the cutting edge of litigation trends, national and international regulatory requirements, and the often-complex mechanisms and markets that impact the aerospace industry.

We are Canada’s leading IP law firm, with unmatched technical and legal experience representing aerospace clients in transactional and litigation matters in provincial and federal courts. Our ability to assist with in-house investigations and to provide focused counsel on regulatory compliance is second to none.

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