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IP Portfolio Management

Maximizing opportunities for competitive strength

Intellectual property (IP) portfolios are dynamic and constantly evolving.

Successful portfolio management requires ongoing review and maintenance to maximize value to a company. Regular monitoring against changes in the market, competitive threats, and emerging opportunities is vital. The key to success for any company or brand is the integration of a well-managed IP portfolio into an overall business strategy to protect a company’s market position, generate revenue, and block competitors from entering markets.

Many of our lawyers and patent agents have real-world experience working in-house in business roles including, product development, engineering or research, and in legal roles managing IP strategies for leading companies. They are able to proactively guide clients through the process of carefully constructing and managing IP portfolios that are clearly aligned to business needs, priorities, and market forces.

From conducting IP portfolio audits to analyzing the rights in a current portfolio, we examine the strength of those rights and their usefulness to our clients’ individual businesses, as well as develop strategic plans to monetize rights and extract value from existing IP. The end result for our clients is a strategic and results-driven approach to managing their Canadian IP portfolios.

Our services in this area include:

  • Conducting IP audits
  • Portfolio mining to identify and pursue commercialization and licensing opportunities
  • Assessing competitive strengths and risks of the portfolio
  • Extracting revenue from underutilized portfolios
  • Coordinating and implementing enforcement activities
  • Developing internal IP management policies to maximize innovation and competitive strength
  • Educating management and employees on strategic IP issues

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