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Staying on top of Canada’s rapidly evolving marketing and advertising sector

Marketing and advertising are integral to any successful business strategy – we help you navigate the legal risks.

Carving out a competitive position when bringing products and services to market demands a sound business strategy and a creative approach. It’s equally important to stay onside of legal requirements and minimize risk in your go-to-market advertising campaigns and promotional activities. Companies across all sectors face a range of legal and regulatory requirements and a continuously evolving digital and social media landscape.

It is vital that marketing and advertising programs be designed in compliance with the myriad of laws and industry standards that apply – from regulatory to privacy to pricing claims to French language requirements in Quebec and beyond.

From as early as the concept stage, we provide expert advice and targeted guidance to help advertisers and marketers identify challenges, avoid potential conflicts, and adopt action plans designed to meet the specific needs of their  businesses and brands.

Whether you are leading an emerging startup or advertising creative team, or directing marketing plans for the category’s industry leader, we provide each of our clients with strategic advice tailored to each unique business and situation.

Unmatched Expertise in Litigation

Our litigation lawyers have represented famous brand owners in a wide range of litigation, disputes in the advertising and marketing fields, false or misleading advertising claims, Ad Standards disputes, and disputes regarding comparative advertising and product compatibility claims.

Services we offer in this area include advising on:

  • Advertising campaigns in all media (including social and broadcast), including for regulated products (e.g. food, pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic, cannabis)
  • Various promotional programs, including sweepstakes and contests, loyalty programs, coupons and rebates
  • Product label and packaging reviews, including for food and cosmetic products
  • Privacy and anti-spam (“CASL”)
  • Ordinary selling price and other pricing issues
  • Misleading advertising, including trade disputes
  • Social media and influencer policies
  • Comparative advertising claims
  • Environmental claims
  • E-commerce and other consumer protection act issues
  • Consumer product safety and product recalls
  • Warranties
  • Quebec French language
  • Advertising in Quebec
  • Advertising to children
  • Public relations communications and activities
  • Commercial agreements, including joint promotion, co-branding, sponsorship, spokesperson, influencer, collaboration and distribution agreements
  • Trademark identification reviews
  • Searches and clearances of third-party rights
  • Trade dress, trademark and copyright infringement strategy
  • Litigation and other dispute proceedings (including Ad Standards)

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Our team of lawyers is at the forefront of the marketing and advertising industry. For domestic companies, as well as foreign businesses, we work closely with clients to maximize marketing opportunities while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and minimizing legal risk.

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Unparalleled Expertise in Marketing & Advertising