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In this fast-paced digital age, businesses rely on the internet as a key channel to sell products and connect with customers. When conflicts arise online you need experienced and talented advisors on your side.

Smart & Biggar is at the forefront of protecting intellectual property rights on the internet. Our lawyers have expertise in all issues relating to trademark, copyright, advertising and competition law on the Internet, registration and recovery of domain names, and removal of infringing content from the internet. The internet operates without borders and we have the experience and capability to carry out enforcement online, regardless of jurisdiction, platform or domain extension.

Our lawyers have industry-leading experience. We have successfully handled hundreds of matters involving the purchase, sale and recovery of domain names, including through negotiation, arbitration and litigation, and we regularly assist clients in removing infringing content from private, commercial and social media websites. Our clients trust us for our strategic advice and marketplace insights to protect their brands and content online, and to navigate the legal and regulatory risks associated with emerging platforms and technologies.

Given the nature and activities of internet trolls, cyber squatters and fraudsters, our seasoned lawyers are skilled in providing fast and efficient solutions to protect your intellectual property rights online.

Our services in this area include:

  • investigating and removing infringing content and websites from the Internet
  • strategic counselling for online brand protection
  • recovering or cancelling infringing domain names
  • negotiating the purchase and sale of domain names
  • litigation
  • due diligence on domain name and website ownership
  • registering domain names, including in new gTLDs
  • privacy law
  • website terms and conditions

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