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Industrial Designs Counselling, Opinions & Advice

Protecting product designs and market share with skilled and strategic advice

From conceptualization, through development, to registration of your industrial design, our lawyers provide expert counselling and guidance at each step in the design process.

Effective counselling and advice on the protection of unique product features and appearance allow owners to retain control and exercise the right to exclude competitors from making, using, selling, importing, or profiting from a product design that they have protected.

Our highly experienced lawyers offer expert and focused guidance on every aspect of product development and design strategy, tailoring their approach to each client’s unique business and situation. With deep technical and legal expertise, our team provides strategic counsel on how and when to move forward with securing industrial design rights and when a client may be at risk of infringing on existing rights of others.

We provide advice and targeted strategies to clients to utilize their rights and prevent their unlawful use by competitors, including legal enforcement, commercial transactions and licensing. With our strength and experience representing clients in litigation matters, we also provide focused litigation opinions and strategies.

In addition to our experience in Canadian industrial design matters, we offer counselling for both domestic and international clients. Our extensive experience working with international clients around the world allows us to provide clients with a view on related global industrial design issues and the registration of worldwide rights.

Services we provide in this area:

  • Prior art searches
  • Product design clearance and freedom to operate opinions
  • Industrial design validity and infringement opinions
  • Responses to allegations of infringement
  • Licensing, assignment and monetization programs
  • Review of international design patents & agreements

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