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Successful high-stakes deals depend on deep legal, technical, and financial expertise

In a complex modern business environment, advising on intellectual property in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and investment transactions requires an expert integration of IP strategy with a company’s unique business goals.

Launching any M&A, IPO or investment activity requires a deep understanding of complex issues. Understanding the value of IP assets, as well as domestic and global market trends and the legal, political and regulatory climate affecting individual industries, is critical to every successful transaction, no matter how large or small.

Both in Canada and internationally, we efficiently manage stakeholders and help structure successful transactions. We develop IP management programs and IP strategies domestically and globally, including structuring, negotiating and drafting IP aspects of complex and multi-jurisdictional M&A transactions, IPOs, licensing, cross-border financing and private equity transactions, regional and global joint ventures, and public and private collaborative research transactions. We conduct multi-jurisdictional IP due diligence investigations on both the buy and sell sides of IP-related transactions and financing, and conduct IP audits in the context of assessing, improving and implementing IP management programs for clients in support of their business objectives and corporate strategy. We provide skilled negotiation, expert legal counsel, and precise drafting of relevant documents and reports to facilitate transactions and ensure the process is as smooth and effective as possible.

With deep technical, financial, and legal expertise, we anticipate challenges and expertly handle legal, business or logistical issues in order to fiercely protect our clients’ IP interests and financial well-being. Our clients include innovative start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, multinational corporations, venture capital/private equity investors, and governmental research organizations in Canada, the United States, Europe, and other relevant commercial markets. We strive to handle deals strategically, efficiently and, if needed, forcefully to ensure our clients’ success in the high-stakes, competitive environment of today’s modern economy.

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