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Success is built on solid IP agreements and commercial contracts with solid IP terms

Protecting, managing, and exploiting IP assets through clear, well-drafted agreements is vital for business success.

Getting the IP issues right is not only essential in licenses, assignments, confidentiality agreements, or other expressly IP-oriented agreements.  It is also critical to do so in most forms of commercial agreements.  IP rights and obligations can be heavily impacted, for better or for worse, by the terms of the agreements that businesses enter into, whatever form of agreement is under negotiation.  In addition, the scope of IP issues that can be relevant to any agreement or deal, will vary depending on the type of IP assets involved and can often be more substantial than first thought by a business.  Many IP issues are difficult to detect or properly address unless one is an experienced IP lawyer.  IP issues that are left unaddressed or which are not sufficiently addressed can have a material impact on one’s rights to IP as well as to the underlying preservation and value of the IP assets themselves.

Our highly specialized lawyers draw on legal experience and deep technical expertise across a range of industries to negotiate, prepare, draft, review and manage agreements and contracts for our Canadian clients and our international clients wishing to do business in Canada. We are at the forefront of Canadian IP law and offer targeted advice based on our clients’ individual needs and draft tailored agreements and contracts with terms and conditions based on individual business strategies and goals. To further monetize and extract increased value from IP, we develop strategic and forward-thinking licensing agreements that drive growth, profits and business goals.

From defining and drafting detailed contracts, to the ongoing managing and reviewing of agreements to maximize the strength of IP rights, we manage every step of this vital process with focus, purpose and precision.

Agreement & contracts we provide:

  • Assignments
  • Licences including patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design and software agreements
  • Manufacturing licences
  • Cross licenses and pools
  • Joint or co-ownership agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements & confidentiality agreements
  • Transfers of ownership/assignments
  • Research and development agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Mergers/acquisitions or sale/divestment agreements
  • Employee-inventor remuneration agreements
  • Collaborative research agreement
  • Co-existence agreements
  • Security assignments/charges over IP rights
  • Employees and contractor contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Website terms of use & privacy policies
  • Advertising & marketing agreements
  • Agreements for authors and creators

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