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Smart & Biggar advises perinatal safety company PeriGen Inc. in acquisition by Halma plc in a deal valued at US$58M


On April 27th, 2021, PeriGen Inc. (“PeriGen”), a market leader in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to improve safety in childbirth, was acquired by Halma plc, a FTSE 100 global group of life-saving technology companies, in a deal valued at US$58M.

Based in North Carolina and with research facilities in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and Israel, PeriGen has unique technology that helps protect mothers and their unborn babies by using proprietary AI tools to continuously monitor laboring patients to identify and highlight troubling trends over the course of labor. Led by CEO Matthew Sappern, PeriGen’s software currently runs at hundreds of facilities in North America, including academic medical centers, community hospitals and rural care centers. 

Based in the U.K., Halma’s group of companies provides innovative solutions focused on creating a safer, cleaner and healthier future. By joining Halma, PeriGen gains access to a supportive network and additional resources as it continues to expand its perinatal safety technology throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Smart & Biggar has been PeriGen’s primary IP advisor for over a decade, working closely with its management team to develop a strong IP strategy that included securing key patents on its innovations. 

“Smart & Biggar has been with us throughout our journey”, says Dr. Emily HamiltonSenior VP Clinical Research at PeriGen. “Taking the time to explain things, helping design and adjust our patent strategy as the business evolved, and preparing us to answer questions during due diligence.  During the transaction, we were able to rely on the guidance and expertise of this team, having confidence they understood both our business objectives, our technology and our patent portfolio, which facilitated many aspects of the process.”

Smart & Biggar advised PeriGen during the acquisition by Halma, defending the patent portfolio value and providing expert IP counsel during due diligence with a team led by: Brigide Mattar, partner, engineer and patent agent, and Christian Bolduc, partner, lawyer and trademark agent. 

“Investors and buyers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable in terms of IP” says Brigide Mattar, partner at Smart & Biggar. "Being guided by experienced IP advisors who understand the interplay between business, technology and IP can facilitate more successful outcomes for companies when IP assets are involved.”

As part of Smart & Biggar's IP Strategic Advisory practice our experienced team of IP lawyers and patent agents advise clients on all aspects of IP Due Diligence during transactions and guide them through each step of the process.

About Perigen Inc.

PeriGen Inc., a Halma company, offers innovative perinatal software solutions that incorporate advanced statistical analysis features to enhance clinical efficiency and standardization of care during childbirth. To learn more, visit