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Ron Ziola

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Ron Ziola

Operations Manager
Language(s): English

Ron has held a variety of administrative, operational and managerial roles over the course of his 30-year tenure at Smart & Biggar. He began his career in 1986 working as a clerk in the mail room, and now oversees the administration, filing and creation of all NBI and CA patent applications at the firm. Ron is the key contact for all clients looking to obtain patent protection in Canada. Along with his teams, he ensures that patent records are created and that client deadlines are met.

Ron is known by colleagues and peers for his dedication to supporting and improving team operations. He takes care to ensure a balance of personal and professional relationships among team members, allowing everyone to have input on decision-making. His greatest strengths are his many years of experience and the people skills he has built over the course of his career. Ron has developed a deep understanding of intellectual property management and internal operations that is bolstered by an open-door policy and promotion of honesty among staff.