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Copyright Transactions & Licensing

Monetizing assets through transactions and licensing

Copyright transactions and licensing are essential to the successful monetization and exploitation of valuable intellectual property assets.

Copyright ownership of an artistic work and the ability to transfer some or all of those rights to third parties for profit, is increasingly vital in the modern digital age. Strategic transactions and licensing can help an individual, brand, product or business increase profits, expand an IP portfolio, and access new markets across a wide and diverse range of industries, from technology to apparel.

Our lawyers possess in-depth expertise in both copyright law and business strategy to uniquely tailor copyright licence agreements and transactions to each situation and business. We handle complex copyright transactions with focus and precision to ensure our clients always retain the right to use and exploit their valuable assets and artistic works. We structure and draft copyright licences and aggressively negotiate licence terms for our clients, including specific rights and limitations, licence fees or royalties, duration, allocation of risk and liability, and territorial limitations.

Our services in this area include:

  • Copyright ownership agreements
  • Agreements for joint ventures and alliances
  • Exclusive and limited use licences 
  • Assignment and intercompany licences
  • Implied licences
  • Termination and recordation of transfers

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