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Copyright Counselling & Opinions

Strategic counsel is the critical foundation to protecting artistic works

Copyright acquisition and protection in securing artistic works is an important piece of a strong overall intellectual property strategy.

Our highly specialized lawyers will safeguard and fully exploit the potential of a brand or business by providing strategic counsel and opinions on every aspect of copyright law, including due diligence, clearances, prosecution, notice and registrations, contractual and transactional issues, and opposition and enforcement.

Our team’s technical and legal expertise provides precise strategic counsel on how to move forward with the decision to secure a copyright or when there is a risk of infringement. With our strength and experience representing clients in copyright litigation matters, we provide focused litigation opinions and strategies and are able to provide a clear and concise view of the potential risks and returns involved with pursuing or defending claims of copyright infringement. We provide advice on a wide range of subject matters including software, literature, photography, toys, architectural works, video, film, product designs, television, telecommunications and issues related to the Internet.

In addition to our extensive knowledge of the laws and rules that govern Canadian copyrights, our experience working with international clients and affiliate law firms in the U.S., Europe, and Asia allows us to provide our clients with precise counselling on global copyright issues in consideration of both international treaties and applicable local laws.

Services you can expect from us in this area:

  • Counselling and creation of brand guidelines     
  • Copyright audits and portfolio management
  • Clearance, selection, and registration
  • Copyright post-registration maintenance and renewals 
  • Online copyright and disputes counselling
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Counselling and representation in copyright litigation
  • Registration and enforcement strategies and opinions
  • Global copyright monitoring and policing of rights

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Unparalleled Expertise in Copyright Counselling & Opinions