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Gunars Gaikis

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Gunars Gaikis

Of Counsel
  • Smart & Biggar LLP
English | Latvian

Globally heralded life sciences litigator and "seasoned gladiator"

A pre-eminent and pioneering leader in life sciences intellectual property, Gunars is consistently recognized by his peers and clients for his expertise and contributions over the past 25 years in the highly specialized field of pharmaceutical patent, trademark and related litigation. Among his many accolades, Gunars has been listed as one of the top thirty patent attorneys globally and named as one of the world’s leading life sciences patent litigators. Known for his unrelenting client commitment and fierce courtroom advocacy, clients praise Gunars as an “IP star” and “seasoned gladiator.”

One of Canada’s most experienced life sciences IP litigators, Gunars has been at the forefront of the pharmaceutical patent litigation field since its emergence in the early 1990’s. In counselling clients, he strives for practical, cost-effective and creative solutions that consider client needs, financial implications and the IP rights at stake.

Ground-breaking court successes protect critical pharmaceutical innovations

A strong proponent of protecting pharmaceutical innovation, Gunars has acted as counsel in many ground-breaking court decisions on behalf of innovators seeking protection in Canada. This includes his win for AstraZeneca when the Supreme Court “wholly rejected the promise doctrine” and clarified the requirement for patent utility. He has appeared as lead counsel in numerous intellectual property cases before the Ontario, Federal and Supreme courts. His successes earned him recognition by legal publications as a “skilled fighter and life cycle strategist for original drugs companies.”

First-hand understanding in medical, biotech and pharmaceutical issues

Previously a licensed pharmacist with experience in clinical pharmacy, Gunars offers first-hand understanding of medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical matters, including the relevant regulatory issues, in addition to his exceptional legal experience. He regularly counsels clients in pharmaceutical patent procurement, data protection, PMPRB, IP life cycle management and drug regulatory matters, and provides invaluable pre-litigation advice and due diligence. Gunars also has extensive expertise in pharmaceutical trademark and passing off cases, and has succeeded in obtaining preliminary injunctions in such trademark cases in both the Ontario Superior and Federal Courts.

Gunars joined Smart & Biggar in 1985 and was instrumental in the growth and expansion of the Toronto office.


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  • “What Pharmacists Need to Know about Cannabis”, (co-speaker: Alice Tseng), Pharmacy Experience Pharmacie (PxP) conference, Toronto, Ontario, June 4, 2019
  • "A Focus on the Utility Doctrine" (co-presenter: Yoon Kang), The Canadian Insittue's 13th Forum on Pharma Patents, October 2016
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  • Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America
  • Fellow, Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
  • Member, Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group
  • Member, American Intellectual Property Law Association
  • Past long-time Chair of the Patent Committee of the IP Section, Canadian Bar Association
  • Editorial board member of LSIPR Newsletter
  • Quoted in "Decision resurrects disputed patent principle", Law Times, November 26, 2018 
  • Process for Choosing and Vetting an Expert Witness in Patent Cases”, (co-authors Andrew Mandlsohn and Shirley Liang Komosa), Canadian Intellectual Property Review, June 2016, Volume 32
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  • "The race for market exclusivity," Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review Quarterly, Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2015)
  • "Cold Feet in Canada," Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review Quarterly, Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2015)
  • "Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation is Inevitable — Typically Overlooked Licensing Terms" (co-authors: Junyi Chen, Jeff J. Kang and Rebecca B. Rodal), presented at the Federated Press conference titled "Negotiating & Drafting Bio Pharma Contracts," June 2011
  • "The Patentability of Pharmaceutical Dosage Regimes in Canada" (co-author: David E. Schwartz), 26 Canadian Intellectual Property Review 2, December 2010
  • "Minimizing the Risk of Section 8 Damages" (co-authors: Andrew Mandlsohn, Patrick M. Roszell and Alain Laplume), presented at the 9th Annual Forum on Pharma Patents, November 2010
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