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Aleksandra (Sasha) Gracia

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Aleksandra (Sasha) Gracia

  • Smart & Biggar LLP
Barrister and Solicitor

IP lawyer with expertise in life sciences innovation and regulatory law

Aleksandra’s practice focuses on securing patent protection for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other inventions in life sciences. She brings deep technical expertise in biochemistry, microbiology and immunology to her work with clients in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. She also works in the area of pharmaceutical regulatory law, providing strategic advice both during and after patent prosecution for pharmaceuticals and biologics.

Aleksandra received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology from the University of Victoria. During her graduate studies, she participated in the Vaccine & Infectious Disease Organization's (VIDO) - International Vaccine Centre (InterVac) Neonatal Immunization Group. At VIDO, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she assisted in the development of a new vaccine adjuvant platform for use in the immunization of infants in developing countries. Aleksandra completed her doctorate degree in Immunology & Vaccinology while enrolled in her second year of law school, both at the University of Saskatchewan.


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  • Associate, Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
  • Member, The Advocacy Club
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