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Jean-Christophe Paquette and Michael Sgro qualify as Canadian patent agents

Smart & Biggar congratulates Jean-Christophe Paquette and Michael Sgro, who have both passed Canadian Patent Agents Qualification Examinations and qualify to practice as patent agents in Canada.

With a background in engineering, Jean-Christophe’s current focus is on strategic counseling and patent procurement. He is recognized for his creativity and his business acumen which allow him to assist his clients in determining their business goals and achieving them.  His technical expertise in mechanical, industrial and bioengineering inform his approach to the drafting and prosecution of patent applications.

In his legal practice, Michael works with new technologies; particularly those relating to new drugs, specialty chemicals, industrial chemical processes and clean technologies. With background expertise in chemistry and wide-ranging experience in several chemical fields, Michael is well-positioned to help inventors protect their inventions and leverage the value of their intellectual property assets.

Based in our Montréal and Ottawa offices respectively, Jean-Christophe and Michael work alongside Canada's most experienced, renowned and recognized lawyers and patent agents.

The Patent Agent Examination is a certification exam designed to assess the candidate's knowledge of the Patent Act, the Patent Rules, patent application drafting, case law and Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) practices. The exam is required to practice independently as a patent agent.

Smart & Biggar is committed to supporting the professional development of our team members and offers associates and technical consultants with hands-on learning opportunities and an in-house training program to support the writing of these challenging exams.

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