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[ACC Webinar]: IP Litigation and Enforcement: Playing Offence and Defence to Win with IP

- 02:00 PM

In today’s competitive innovation economy, companies across industries face a wide range of potential legal issues and risks related to intellectual property (IP). Whether it is infringement of a valuable patented technology, unlawful use of key trademarks and copyrights, or anti-counterfeiting and IP crime, when IP issues arise, in-house counsel need to be ready to face off against competitors and fiercely defend the commercial IP rights of their business.


  • Cameron Weir, Senior Counsel, Reckitt Benckiser
  • Denise Lacombe, Head of Legal, AstraZeneca Canada.
  • Michael Okerlund, CEO, Cloud Court Inc
  • Urszula Wojtyra, Partner, Smart & Biggar