Canada’s Intellectual Property Firm

Strategies, insights and opportunities to benefit brand owners and avoid unexpected pitfalls in today’s challenging times.

The Trademark team at Smart & Biggar for this timely webinar and gain valuable insights to help brand owners and their international counsel overcome and navigate challenges related to the implementation of the new law in Canada.

Last summer, Canada implemented a new Trademarks Act and new Regulations to harmonize with many of its most important trading partners. While the trademark registration process in Canada is now streamlined in many ways, brand owners and their counsel should be aware of unexpected traps and unusual complications that can arise while navigating the new Canadian trademark system.

10 months on, the world has changed and Smart & Biggar has practical and important insights on how the new rules and laws are being applied by Canada’s Intellectual Property Office. We have identified key issues to watch out for and cost-effective Canadian TM strategies that are now particularly important in today’s global economy. 

Our speakers, Philip Lapin, Kwan Loh and Jamie-Lynn Kraft discuss:

  • Efficient and cost-effective filing and prosecution strategies under Canada’s new system

  • Unexpected Canadian challenges under the Madrid Protocol system

  • The new government fee structure and potential traps created by its unusual implementation

  • Unexpected Nice Classification hurdles unique to Canada

  • New distinctiveness objections

  • Protection for new non-traditional trademarks

  • How to develop an effective enforcement strategy, now that “use” has disappeared from trademark applications and registrations

  • A Q&A with the panellists