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[Webinar Replay] Smart & Biggar hosts webinar masterclass to help Ottawa entrepreneurs protect IP online

- 11:30 AM

On Wednesday, June 17th, Smart & Biggar, in partnership with Invest Ottawa, will hosted the webinar masterclass ‘IP Strategy from bricks to clicks: Protecting IP Online’.

With the rise of the Internet as an essential part of virtually every business, there comes a corresponding rise in the type and volume of online IP risks and opportunities. It is critical that businesses have a basic understanding of how to maintain and enforce their IP rights online, and best practices to implement to reduce risk.

Lead by Daniel Anthony, one of Canadas leading Internet law expert, the presentation will delve into the IP strategy of participating in an online economy, how to address the most common types of online risks, and in particular explore:

  • Controlling your copyright and trademarks online
  • Enforcing your IP rights online
  • Addressing phishing attacks and scams
  • Protecting confidential information
  • Resolving cybersquatting
  • Taking down infringing social media posts
  • How to avoid infringing the IP of others