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Final report from advisory panel on potential pan-Canadian formulary is released

Authored byUrszula Wojtyra

As previously reported, on January 11, the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) posted a discussion paper regarding the proposed framework for a potential pan-Canadian formulary. The pan-Canadian Advisory Panel has posted further information, including respondent feedback and focus group feedback. The Final Report: Building Toward a Potential Pan-Canadian Formulary was released in June, together with summary highlights

Highlights of the Panel’s recommendations are:

  1. Six principles for the formulary: universal and integrated; equitable; effective, safe, and high quality; sustainable; efficient and timely; and inclusive, transparent, with fair process.
  2. A potential pan-Canadian formulary should:
    1. be a dynamic and living system that involves multiple perspectives
    2. be aligned with, if not integrated into, other elements of the health system
    3. be equitable and support a distinction-based approach that promotes self-determination
    4. incorporate evidence that considers diverse populations, perspectives, and experiences
    5. be aligned with current evidence
    6. be sustainable
    7. adopt systems and process efficiencies, including (i) providing simplified points of access for related products and (ii) exploring a hybrid submission review model.
  3. Take a staged approach to develop a potential pan-Canadian formulary.
  4. Build public trust through transparent decision-making.
  5. Ensure accountability and reason-driven decision-making.

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