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Health Canada proposes amendments to the Medical Devices Regulations to address future public health emergencies

Authored byMalcolm Harvey

Update: Amendments to the Medical Devices Regulations came into force on January 3, 2024 substantially as proposed: Regulations Amending the Medical Devices Regulations (Medical Devices for an Urgent Public Health Need) (see also Health Canada’s notice and guidance). 

Health Canada has proposed amendments to the Medical Devices Regulations (Regulations) that would expand the regulatory framework for COVID-19 medical devices to apply to future public health emergencies (see Proposed changes to the Medical Devices Regulations to address future public health emergencies: Notice).


Under the proposed amendments, Part 1.1 of the Regulations would no longer be specific to COVID-19 medical devices. Instead, Part 1.1 would apply to medical devices that have an urgent public health need (UPHN) in relation to a medical condition for which there is a public health emergency. The proposed amendments would also:

The proposed amendments also address amendments to authorizations, requirements to inform the Minister of foreign authorization/licence revocation or suspension, and fee requirements and exemptions. Health Canada’s consultation on the proposed amendments closed on April 13, 2023.

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